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Welding Services 

T&W Valve and Machine Co., Inc. offers a complete welding program. James Fleming, Manager of Welding Operations, directs and coordinates all welding activities, And managing in-house employees.

All of our welders are qualified to ASME section IX. It is not uncommon for T&W to employ over 125 welders at various locations throughout the U.S. during the peak season.

T&W's welding program meets all the requirements of ASME section IX. This program is supported by the following:

     * Welding Procedure Specifications and supporting Procedures   

     * ASME section IX Welder/Operator Qualification

     * Welding Control Procedures

     * General Welding Standards

     * Qualification Records


T&W's Facilities are used for testing of welder qualifications, which are performed in the test shop. T&W can perform destructive testing with our own equipment and personnel. An approved subcontractor will perform all radiographic testing as needed. T&W has a level II inspector on staff who will perform all RT film interpretation.


For a comprehensive and customized explanation of our services and capabilities, please call us today at (270) 683-1995


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