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T&W Valve and Machine Co., holds a "VR" certification from the National Board authorizing us to repair, machine and weld on section VIII Air and Liquid, Section I Steam Safety Valves.

Shop Capabilities

 Air Stand - 1200 psi. 25 cubic feet accumulator.

 Liquid Stand - 1450 psi. 15 cubic feet accumulator

 Steam Stand - 1750 psi. 2750 psi. with AVK. 100 cubic feet accumulator.

 Liquid with Hydraulics 10,000 psi lift only.


T&W Valve is also "R" Stamp certified from the National Board giving you the advantage of ONE Company to repair and replace your section 1 safety valves.

Our Valve Technicians are trained and certified. To take care of your emergencies our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our management and technicians are the best in the industry. We at T&W Valve demand only the best, why shouldn't you. 

For a comprehensive and customized explanation of our services and capabilities, please call us today at (270) 683-1995

Our strength is our experience and diversity

2501 Grimes Ave, Owensboro Ky. 42303    Phone: 270-683-1995   Fax: 270-683-1065